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KWDI Workshop: Capacity Building for Women`s Policy



▶  Objectives

  • To strengthen the capacity of gender policy experts in the Asia-Pacific region (Asia and the Pacific region)
  • To enhance policymakers and gender experts’ sensitivity on gender equality and to expand their capacity to improve women's policy.
  • To establish a local policy network for women's policy.


▶ Target Countries

  • Stage 1 Project(2011~2012): Cambodia, Indonesia
  • Stage 2 Project(2013~2014): Myanmar, Vietnam
  • Stage 3 Project(2015~2016): TBD


▶ Key Features

  • It is tailored to local needs based on the results of preliminary research and local consultation meetings on women's policy.
  • It mainly consists of core courses and elective courses by topic, and it is designed to make participants actively engaged in-depth discussions among themselves as well as with Korean experts in each field.
  • It is participant-oriented/ interactive learning process


▶ 2011

- Title: 2011 KWDI Workshop: Capacity Building for Women’s Policy of Cambodia and Indonesia

- Period: Sept. 18. - Oct. 1.

- Venue: Korean Women's Development Institute, Grand Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea

- Participants: Around 30 women's policy experts from Cambodia and Indonesia


▶ 2012

- Title: 2012 KWDI Workshop in Indonesia: Capacity Building for Gender Equality and Women’s Policy

- Cambodia

   . Period: May 8-11, 2012

   . Venue: SiemReap, Cambodia

   . Participants: around 40 Cambodian gender experts


- Indonesia

  . Period: May 28 - June 1

  . Venue: Indonesia, Bali

  . Participants:around 40 Indonesian gender experts


▶ 2013

- Title: 2013 KWDI SSAGE(Set and Share the Agenda for Gender Equality) Workshop

- Period: Sept. 9 -13, 2013

- Venue: Korean Women's Development Institute, Seoul, Korea

- Participants: Around 30 women's policy experts from Myanmar and Vietnam

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