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KWDI, positioned as a think-tank for gender equality policy, has made a lot of efforts to provide practical policy agenda for gender-equal society that can be reflected in government policy.

We have contributed to putting the gender mainstreaming strategy into practice through extensive researches on gender impact analysis, gender budgeting, gender statistics and on various gender agendas.

Asia-Pacific Development Forum started in 2009 to share experiences and knowledges with  other international experts in development cooperation. Many experts,  practitioners and policy makers all over the world participate in this forum and actively discuss how to mainstream gender in developmet cooperation. We hope that this forum can contribute to successful gender-mainstreaming in the Asia-Pacific region.


  • To raise awareness on gender equality
  • To provide a plaform for the discussion on planning and implementation of gender sensitive development     projects
  • Establishing a sustainable network with partner countries in the Asia-Pacific region


  • Korean and international experts

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